CTN welcomes diverse guest speakers on a range of topics

CTN Southwest holds a main meeting every six weeks featuring a variety of different guest speakers from local entrepreneurs to prophetic voices, authors and motivational speakers. Recent guests have included David Shadbolt who is known for his prophetic ministry to the marketplace; Chris Murray of Pennywell Farm; Chris and Kerry Cole (pictured) of Cross Rhythms / Cornerstone Vision and Chris Girdler of Lifelines.

Chris Cole

Chris Cole was our speaker on Friday 4th December. Chris Cole is married to Kerry who has authored three books with the latest ‘Gotta Die to Live‘ which has just been released, chronicling their life together in working through a prophetic word Chris received in early 1982 about “reaching thousands, no millions for Christ in media”. It also speaks with authenticity, honesty and vulnerability of their personal transformation. They have three daughters and three grandchildren.

Chris started a business called Cornerstone House Marketing and Advertising in 1985 which is still functioning today with Plymouth’s freely distributed newspaper called the Plymouth Chronicle. This company was originally set up to resource his charitable work with Cross Rhythms which is now an international broadcast ministry with programmes on over 60 stations worldwide, the UK and a radio station in Bethlehem. He has been a Trustee of UCB and is currently Trustee of GOD TV as well as Founder and co-chair of Cross Rhythms. He and Kerry have led a house church community for many years and they are passionate about every committed member of the Body of Christ finding their value, identity and purpose in Father God, through Jesus Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit. They live in Cornwall on a cliff overlooking the sea. (the adventure of living on the edge)

Chris Girdler

Chris, who is a journalist and businessperson based in Plymouth was our speaker on Friday 19th March. He is also the editor of Lifelines and was able to give us an update on our first edition for Exeter. Chris and his wife Debbie decided to ‘escape the rat race’ in the late 80s moving from London to Honiton to set up their own publishing business and start a family. He had previously spent nearly 20 years in journalism and corporate communications. While attending Honiton Baptist Church a ’Damascus Road’ experience in 1990 led Chris to give his life to Jesus and about a year later the Lord gave Debbie a picture of a ‘Good News’ newspaper. After a series of miraculous developments the first edition of ‘Lifelines’ – a testimony-based tabloid – was launched in 1993 with 90,000 copies distributed by the Royal Mail to homes in Devon, Dorset and Somerset.

In the ensuing years around four million copies were distributed across the South West. It was through Lifelines that Chris and Debbie met up with Chris and Kerry Cole. They became close friends, sharing a Kingdom view on Christianity and the Gospel.  In 2000 Chris and Debbie relocated to Plymouth, merging their publishing business with Cornerstone, which Chris and Kerry founded in the 1980s.  Since moving to Plymouth they have produced several editions of Lifelines, the most recent delivered to nearly 100,000 homes in the city and beyond in the middle of the pandemic. Lifelines has recently been brought under the spiritual covering of Alive in the Spirit Charity.

See a list of other CTN speakers as well as a video clip from Ed Silvoso that highlights the central message of transformation of the marketplace.

About CTN Southwest

Crosslink Transformation Network (CTN) brings Christians together from across the marketplace as well as churches wanting to see transformation in their city and county as part of transforming our nation.

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