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CTN Mid Devon business hub launches in Tiverton

Nutritionist, Claire Thomas of Nourish to Soar hosted the first CTN Mid Devon Business Hub on Tuesday 31st October at the Tiverton Hotel. The group will now gather monthly on a Tuesday morning at 9.30am to 11am.

One of the leaders of CTN Southwest, Barrie Townsend and his wife Marie were there to share a little of the CTN vision to transform the marketplace by doing business God’s way.

Claire, who is a Registered Nutritional Therapist and NLP Coach, shared her vision for the CTN Mid Devon business hub which aims to “support, equip and provide a community for Christians in business.”

Each person was invited to share a particular Bible character that resonated with them on their business journey. These varied from Joseph to Peter to Mary and David etc.

“I’ve been doing a Christian business course, which has been quite interesting,” Claire shared. “One thing we’ve been talking a lot about is characters within the Bible that encourage us, and I’ve had quite a new perspective on Joseph. He had many tough situations to face but he always landed on his feet.

“What really struck me was that he was able to see beyond the circumstances. He also trusted God no matter what and he ended up leading Egypt. So despite the challenging times, if we keep trusting, and stay committed to the vision, and where we’re headed, we will get there!”

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The morning concluded with us sharing encouraging testimonies of what God has brought us through and of course, there was also some practical networking with business cards being exchanged and some new connections on LinkedIn! If you’d like to attend the Mid Devon business hub or have any questions, please email Claire Thomas at clairethomasuk@gmail.com. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn.

About CTN Southwest

Crosslink Transformation Network (CTN) brings Christians together from across the marketplace as well as churches wanting to see transformation in their city and county as part of transforming our nation.

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