Calling everyone on Marsh Barton Trading Estate

Crosslink Transformation Network (CTN) invites anyone working on the Trading Estate to get in touch with them for encouragement, support and ongoing networking. CTN’s leaders Barrie Townsend and Frank Bennett have had a long-standing association with Marsh Barton, at one time providing ‘business pastors’ to the area.

“At CTN we have a heart for Marsh Barton where many thousands of people work,” says Barrie, who spent over 40 years in after-sales operations of franchised car, van and truck dealerships and accident repair centres. He was based on the estate for some of those years, so understands what it is like to work there.

During his time in the police, Frank spent many hours patrolling Marsh Barton and talking to people working there. Both have been managers and leaders for a number of years and know well the joys and pressures of the workplace.

“We both recognise Marsh Barton as a vital part of the heartbeat of Exeter,” says Frank. “We want to help connect people in this important and growing location that generates vital income for our city and provides jobs for so many people.”

CTN aims to encourage, support and connect people in the workplace.  This is a free service aimed at helping to build relationships across different businesses. They do not see themselves as business advisors – such help is already available elsewhere including through government agencies. Their focus is very much on the person. This interaction might be described as ‘pastoral’ – or maybe simply put as being ‘listening-ears’. “We have found that people have a real need to talk with someone detached from the situation that maybe is currently challenging them,” says Barrie. “So please make that initial contact with us and we’ll be delighted to come back to you!”

If you work on Marsh Barton, in any capacity at all, whether you are an employee, supervisor, manager, director or business owner, CTN would appreciate you making contact. Email: for more information.

About Barrie Townsend

Barrie Townsend is one of the leaders of CTN Southwest. He has held management and senior management roles for over 40 years presiding over service operations of car, van and truck franchised dealerships, and also Accident Repair Centres for some major motor manufacturers including Ford and Vauxhall. Though he is ‘retired’ he still sees it as an honour to develop, train, encourage and release team members into the fullness of their potential.

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